Protect IT Testimonials

“Protectit why wouldn’t  ya”

Jalcon have been dealing with Mark and has team over the past four years .

Protectit offer a wide range of product from Joinery protection ,floor coverings and surface protection .

Since getting protectit on board Jalcon have saved time and the biggest thing money.

Protectit are a reliable team that have never let us down and we thank you.


Jacob Aitken – Jalcon Homes Ltd.


We have been using the Protectit window protection on our jobs for several years now, the cost of the install has been far less than the remedial works we were undertaking before we used the system.

The Potectit system is now a standard task during a build progress.

Mark and his team are programmed in and the job is done, it’s very easy for us and will continue to be the way forward for us.


Dan Jackson – Universal Homes


Mark and his team of guys from Protectit have been working for me now for about 6 months and I’ve gotta say that you couldn’t find a better team for this task

1.The product is great ,there has obviously been a great deal of time spent on research and development

2.The guys are great on site ,problem solvers not problem finders

3.Mark is great to deal with and is able to get to all my sites in the required time ,he has trained his teams well

As our industry get busier and resources get stretched its refreshing to have someone that really gives a hoot about his product and its efficacy   

100% from me well done and thanks Mark


Ben Matteucci – Fletcher Living


We are currently using PROTECTIT window protection on many of our jobs in Hobsonville. I have found their products to be of a superior standard to other companies in the same industry. From first day application to the end date when the product just peels leaving windows looking like new with no sticky residue to clean off.

Along with great service from Mark and the team, this has made the whole process so easy and well worth the cost over the build of the job.

I would highly recommend PROTECTIT Window and Bath systems to anyone needing a superior protection with great service.


Ryan Hunter – Hayden & Rollet